Ship more features with less effort

Dops is an AI assistant for your project management tools that predicts and resolves DevOps and SRE tasks to make software development teams more productive.

Connect your project board

Integrate your Jira or Asana board to begin analysis of your development team and tasks from previous and current sprints.

Estimate task complexity

No more second guessing story points. Get accurate estimates that are custom fit to your team’s capacity and past performance.

Resolve tickets & issues

The Dops agent injects comments with suggestions for tickets in your current sprint and will resolve repetitive, mundane tasks.

See what the Dops AI can do for your team

Fast implementation for agile teams

In just one click, your Jira account will be connected and Dops will start analyzing your sprint board. Without changing your existing workflows, Dops will seamlessly start executing on tasks.

Eliminate repetitive tasks

80% of DevOps tasks are highly repetitive and take away valuable time from your team. The Dops assistant will suggest the quickest solutions so your devs can focus on being creative and shipping features.

Maximize your development resources

We estimate the time it takes for tasks to be done and allocate them to the best person on your team to complete them.  This ensures that your devs are doing what they’re best at and productivity stays at a maximum.

Get your devs to do less ops, and more product.

You’ll be amazed at how productive your devs will become.

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Discover the right way to automate your software development lifecycle with Dops